Spending time and money protecting your financial and physical well-being is difficult enough without having to deal directly with the highly complex, highly regulated, and often frustrating insurance industry itself. To make matters more challenging, insurance brokers may only seem interested in getting you to sign up and then offer little to no further assistance when issues inevitably arise. Sometimes, these difficulties discourage people from addressing their vital insurance needs altogether, posing a risk to their family’s needs and/or their financial success.

A Unique Approach

Our unique approach recognizes that providing more information isn’t the same as providing more value. We understand that delivering simple, relevant information gives you more of the things that you really want: time, energy, and peace of mind. Our position as an independent broker also allows us to avoid unnecessary conflicts of interest, enabling us to deliver unbiased, understandable analysis of the best options available.

Representing most of America’s leading insurance companies, we service a wide variety of personal insurance needs. And because we understand great service should include finding the best-priced options, our automated rate comparison service allows us to find the rates and plans that best meet your personal and/or business needs. Below is a list of the various types of insurance needs we can help you with:


Medical bills and other costs associated with ill health continue to be the largest cause of individual bankruptcy. This is why individual health insurance is an important way to not only address your physical needs, but maintain your financial health as well. However with the advent of Obamacare and the increasing complexity of medical regulations and benefit plans, ensuring you have the right coverage for an appropriate price is challenging. Whether you just recently lost coverage, are looking to switch, or just need some feedback on what your options are we are here to help.

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Life insurance is an important component of any financial plan and a cost-effective way of planning against the unpredictable risks of life. Ranging from simple term policies to complex cash-value vehicles, the life insurance market is full of options. Whether you’re looking to replace income, provide for a large estate tax issue, or protect against the loss of an important employee or business partner, we can help you identify what kind of coverage would best satisfy your needs.


It may surprise you to know that, before you retire, the odds of becoming disabled are greater than the odds of you passing away. Fortunately, if you become unable to work due to injury or sickness, disability insurance can help you meet your expenses and maintain your lifestyle. So whether you are looking to better understand your current coverage, explore the benefits of different options, or just learn more about Plan Financial’s approach to disability insurance, we are here to help.

Long-Term Care

The declining health of those we care about brings with it enormous emotional stress, and without proper risk management it can bring with it the additional stress of financial drain. Providing a wide range of options and services, however, Long Term Care is designed to help mitigate the high costs of treating chronic illnesses and disabilities later in life. With options covering both in-home and nursing facility care, they can be customized to fit your particular needs and desires.  So whether you are struggling with the care of your parents, preparing for your own future, or wanting to preserve an inheritance for your heirs, we are here to help.

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