In today’s challenging market conditions, many business owners and principals find themselves under increased pressure to improve the bottom line, retain talent, and protect their business from the loss of key employees or themselves. But instead of filling this important need, the insurance industry has often complicated the issue through new regulations or complex products that nobody (sometimes not even the agent) understands.

A Unique Approach

At Plan Financial, we aim to break through the industry jargon, complex regulations, and perhaps even your poor past experiences to deliver solutions that satisfy your most pressing needs: increased benefits, reduced costs and confusion, and key financial protection for the future of your business. Utilizing a collaborative effort from our wealth managers, benefit plan experts, and insurance specialists, we provide a comprehensive evaluation of the needs of your business so that you can focus on what matters most to you. In addition, our ability to deliver a multitude of institutional benefit plan solutions often allows us to provide our innovative solutions in an efficient, low-cost manner. Check out the various types of insurance needs we can help you address.

Group Insurance

If you are a business owner reassessing your employee benefits package, we can help you through the complexity and confusion inherent in the system. Due to fluctuating benefit plans and a mangled regulatory environment, having a trusted advisor to monitor the competitiveness and compliancy of your benefit package has never been more important – or valuable. Whether it is group life, health, disability, or long-term care insurance, we add value by sifting through the mountains of information to provide the “bare-bones” assessment of each option.

Buy-Sell Insurance

Perhaps the greatest threat to the survival of a business is the loss of an owner or a partner. In the event of an owner’s death businesses are often left with heirs who can create managing conflicts or who want to cash-out their recently inherited shares. However, many small businesses are the largest source of net worth for the business owners, which can make liquidation extremely difficult to accomplish. The complexity of the resulting situation can result in frustration, mismanagement, and eventually damage to the value of the business. To mitigate these risks, insurance contracts coupled with buy-sell agreements can provide for smooth succession or proper liquidation. If you currently find yourself without proper coverage to address these risks, we can help you evaluate your options.

Key Man Insurance

One of the greatest threats a small business faces to continued success is the potential loss of a key employee. The duties and responsibilities of these individuals are often too vast and complex to easily replace, not to mention the costs involved in such a transition. That’s why key man insurance is so important in providing the financial security necessary to maintain smooth business operations in the event a key individual is lost. If you currently have an important employee that would be difficult to replace without significant consequences to your business, we can help you evaluate your options.

Get Started

If you’d like to learn more about our institutional insurance services, consider visiting with one of our professionals to discuss solutions that address your needs, and discover the Plan Financial difference.