Our Difference

Throughout life you will be confronted with financial-related decisions that impact your future, a future that will become brighter or dimmer with every passing decision. Sometimes important events requiring difficult decisions come unexpectedly while others are seen at a great distance; however all decisions benefit from sound financial counsel, technical analysis, and good communication.

As an independent advisory firm, we are free to access all sources of global expertise; eliminating conflicts of interest by avoiding the influence of commission-based products. But even more importantly, we like to think outside the box – looking forward rather than backwards. This characteristic has led to our being an industry leader in developing innovative solutions that address the needs of the 21st century investor. These leading-edge ideas include:

  • 401k fiduciary management for small to mid-sized businesses
  • A Family Office suite for middle and upper-middle class families
  • Strategic business and technology consulting
  • Diet, exercise, and physical therapy solutions delivered by licensed health professionals from our sister unit, Plan Health & Fitness

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The path to financial wellness is a lifelong journey of reward and fulfillment. If you would like to get started along the path with Plan Financial, just a few pieces of information will allow us to begin the conversation. Click here to take the first step and discover the Plan Financial difference.