Press Release: #CorporateChristmasChallenge

December 11, 2020

Corporate Christmas Challenge

Companies Being Challenged to Donate Planned Christmas Party Funds to Local Restaurants

FRESNO – December 9, 2020 – California’s most recent stay-at-home order is now imposing strict new limits on an array of businesses – including restaurants. As a result, Plan Financial found it necessary to cancel their corporate Christmas party and instead, has donated 100% of the funds to the restaurant at which the party had been scheduled. A check for $2,500 was presented to the owners of Vino Grille & Spirts, Chuck and Jen Van Fleet, at the restaurant on Wednesday, December 9th at 1:00 p.m.

“While some people in Sacramento have deemed restaurants as “non-essential” businesses, we disagree. They are essential. They’re essential to their employees and the families they support. They’re also essential to the business communities that supply the food and beverages that are served. And we know they’re certainly essential to the local economies,” said Jack Hooper, President & CEO. “This is why we want to challenge other businesses throughout the San Joaquin Valley, especially those “essential” businesses– including technology, construction, and residential real estate firms– which have not only remained opened, but have been thriving during the pandemic. We also want to offer a special challenge to our colleagues in the financial services industry to join us and take the Corporate Christmas Challenge by foregoing their Christmas party and donating those funds (or a portion of their 2020 profits) to a favorite local restaurant of their choice. Let’s all show these restaurants, which have been so devasted by the lockdowns this year, the power of love and community. These restaurants have been there for us. Let’s now be there for them!”

People and Businesses who accept the challenge are also invited to share any pictures and/or videos of the restaurants they’re supporting by posting them on their social media platforms, adding the caption “ABC Company/The Smith Family has accepted the challenge!”, and using the hashtag: #CorporateChristmasChallenge