Plan Financial was founded in 1985 and serves a wide range of clients—including corporations, institutions (foundations and endowments), as well as individuals and families. In 1993, Plan Financial incorporated as a Registered Investment Adviser (RIA) with the Securities Exchange Commission and, as an RIA, we work with all our clients on a fiduciary basis. We’re convinced that, if people need advice, that advice should come from someone whose compensation doesn't depend on whether you’re buying or selling any particular investment. Someone who is free from the conflicts of a commissioned salesperson. We deliver wealth management solutions that are built on one solid principle: what’s best for our client’s lives.

As an independent financial services firm, we’re free to access all sources of global financial expertise and, although we work with most of the nation’s leading financial institutions, we have no financial relationships with the providers and are completely objective to utilize “best-in-class” solutions:

  • Wealth planning solutions that are designed to help you gain the freedom to pursue what is important to you.
  • Risk management/Insurance to protect you against the risks of life.
  • Investment advisory solutions for managing your wealth in a way that best complements your life.
  • Fast, efficient service, exceptional follow through and our technology leadership ensures you will have the continual support for the way you want to live.

With the on-going assistance of a professional advisor, you will soon be achieving your vision of how you want to live your life—for you, your family, and perhaps your community.

Discover the Plan Financial Difference.

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