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At Plan Financial, our comprehensive collection of multimedia resources offers you an opportunity to delve deep into the intricate dynamics of financial markets, economics, and a wide spectrum of related topics. Explore our thoughtfully curated content, thought-provoking discussions, and in-depth presentations, and gain a profound understanding of the ever-evolving financial landscape.  

2023 Investor forum, vital signs: the seeds for growing your income

In this 60-minute session, discover how higher interest rates can boost your long-term spending power and how we are seizing a unique opportunity presented by historic bond fluctuations. Plus, hear from Isaac Halls on how the structure of the global monetary system will likely impact the direction of inflation and the value of the dollar.


European Association for evolutionary political economy conference 2023:

Take a deeper dive with Isaac Halls, as he presents his Masters Thesis on the Eurodollar System. Find out what lurks in the shadows of the global monetary system and what impact it can have on not just the global business cycle, but the rise or death of the U.S. Dollar.