Episode 1: Inflation & Interest Rates

Joel Hooper - September 7, 2021

Prices are rising… will they ever stop?

Welcome to the Breaking Bad Advice Podcast brought to you by Plan Financial. Financial Advisor, Joel Hooper, is joined by Wealth Manager and Retirement Specialist, Isaac Halls. Throughout this monthly podcast, they will discuss topics focusing on market and economic related news as well as various financial related themes. Listeners will gain better insight into what’s currently moving markets and where long-term trends are taking us economically.

In the first ever episode of Breaking Bad Advice, Joel Hooper and Isaac Halls discuss the issue seemingly affecting everyone, inflation. Are continual price increases here to stay? They also discuss these pesky low interest rates and what kind of impact they are having on the economy. Lastly, they touch on where we go from here.

At the conclusion of every episode, Joel and Isaac will be answering any questions you may have. Whether it’s questions regarding current market conditions, where we’re headed economically or the use of various financial instruments; please submit your questions to Joel.hooper@planfinancial.com by September 30th.

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